Le lac de Bouzey © JF Hamard
Cycliste contemplant le lac de Bouzey © JF Hamard

Bouzey Lake

Perfect for a refreshing stop

An idyllic spot on the edge of the town of Epinal, great for providing a refreshing getaway when there’s a heatwave, nature lovers will also appreciate this place. Wandering around the lake, be prepared for some enchanting surprises and interesting discoveries.

Close to the lake stands the peat-bog of the Etang de la Comtesse, a protected natural area where flora and fauna thrive. 

On the lake itself, you’ll find both pédalos and sailing boats for hire, enabling you to criss-cross its waters, plus an area where swimming is overseen by lifeguards, as well as a Maison du Vélo, where you can, for example, check your bicycle tyre pressures.