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You leave Gray and its history-packed quays via a towpath hugging the Saône. The way is then dotted with very appealing river ports. La Voie Bleue continues into the Burgundian département (or French county) of Côte-d’Or, passing fishermen’s cottages and slipways for launching boats, recalling how well used the river has been through time. The Château de Talmay and its impressive keep dominate their village. The final stretch of this stage is entirely along a towpath leading to Pontailler-sur-Saône, with its many shops and activities on offer.

Elevation of the stage

53 m 44 m

Waytypes of the stage

Cycle path: 11,58 km By road: 21,01 km

Surface of the stage

Lisse: 32,43 km Inconnu: 0,15 km

The route

Leaving Gray via the Saône-side quays, La Voie Bleue continues beside the river, on a track not open to motorized vehicles, up until Apremont’s footbridge (and Mantoche Lock). The itinerary between Essertenne-et-Cessey and Heuilley-sur-Saône via Talmay then leads you along roads. A bit before Heuilley-sur-Saône, you rejoin the banks of the Saône up to Pontailler-sur-Saône.

Intersection with the Canal entre Champagne et Bourgogne (V 53) at Heuilley-sur-Saône
Two kilometres after Heuilley-sur-Saône, you come to the intersection with the canal marking the interconnection with the Véloroute 53, named ‘Entre Champagne et Bourgogne’.
Warning: even on sections closed to motorized traffic, you may encounter anglers’ cars or maintenance vehicles.


No trains on this stage. Bus Dijon-Gray or Besançon-Gray

Don't miss

  • Gray has been awarded the "Cité de Caractère Bourgogne-Franche-Comté" label with its Notre Dame basilica, the town hall, the theatre, the remains of the castle...
  • the beach of Velet : swimming possible
  • Mantoche: the view of Mantoche from the opposite bank, the pedestrian-bike bridge
  • Château de Talmay: classified as a "Historic Monument", this mostly 18th century castle still has a 13th century tower.
  • Heuilley/Saône: a commune renowned for its waterways and therefore well known to fishing enthusiasts. In summer, it is possible to rent canoes to navigate on the Saône and Ognon rivers.
  • Pontailler-sur-Saône: wash houses and church are surrounded by a very rich natural environment. In summer, a beach on the Saône allows swimming in complete safety. Discover the joys of navigation thanks to the base for renting habitable boats without a licence.

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