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34,91 km cycling route from Ray-sur-Saône to Gray

Leaving behind the grounds of the Château de Ray-sur-Saône, La Voie Bleue cycle route descends rapidly to a stretch of the Saône Valley set in pretty surrounds marked by farmland, woods and hills. Enjoy contemplating the steady flow of boats negotiating the Savoyeux Tunnel. Keen on a swim? Head for the sandy beach at Autet, with lifeguards on duty. The river port at the town of Gray is striking, its extensive stone quays reflecting the intense trading activity that went on here down the centuries. Fortunes were made and beautiful houses built on both banks of the river, giving Gray a remarkable architectural heritage.

Elevation of the stage

66 m 38 m

Waytypes of the stage

Cycle path: 33,38 km By road: 1,53 km

Surface of the stage

Lisse: 34,58 km Rugueux: 0,03 km Accidenté: 0,30 km

The route

Leaving Ray-sur-Saône, you ride along the D27 county road to reach the banks of the Saône. Continue along the river’s west bank up to Autet, then cross to the east bank to reach Gray. There is a stretch along the Saône towpath, as well as a few short portions shared with motorized traffic. Note that along the greenways beside the Saône you may encounter anglers’ cars and maintenance vehicles.

SNCF (French national railways network)

No train on this stage

Don't miss

  • Ray-sur-Saône: City of Burgundy-Franche-Comté and its castle, dominate the Saône valley. It is located in the middle of a 6 ha English park, a real green setting.
  • Savoyard and its classified altarpiece and its 640 m long 19th century tunnel. 
  • Autet and its fine sandy beach.
  • Dampierre-sur-Salon: cellar of the castle Couyba to discover minerals and fossils Rigny charming village on the banks of the Saône.
  • Gray: labeled Cité de Caractère de Bourgogne-Franche-Comté with basilica, town hall, theatre, Baron Martin Fine Arts Museum, museum, esperanto museum. Tuesdays of the Soil in summer. All the services of a heritage town worthy of the name. Don't miss the passage to the lock, rich in international meetings, as well as the various stops in the area upstream and downstream from Gray.
  • Nearby, the Champlitte fortified castle and its museums, listed as a historical monument

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This stage includes 1 liaison (purple on the map) and 1 alternative (black dotted line)
Alternative 1

Ray-sur-Saône / Gray

GPX track
Liaison 1
GPX track

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