Le château de Ray-sur-Saône © Guillaume Robert-Famy
Bateau sur la Saône devant le château de Ray-sur-Saône © Yves Goux Bourgogne Franche-Comté
La Voie Bleue arrive à Ray-sur-Saône © Guillaume Robert Famy
Le clocher de Ray-sur-Saône © Guillaume Robert Famy
Château de Ray-sur-Saône © Guillaume Robert-Famy
Ray-sur-Saône © Guillaume Robert-Famy

The Château of Ray-sur-Saône

The largest fort of the Franche-Comté Region in the Middle Ages

Down the centuries, this medieval château, which once counted as many as 14 towers and was the largest fort of the Franche-Comté Region in the Middle Ages, came under attack on many occasions. The two Romanesque towers from the 14th century witnessed violent, bloody times. They still stand guard over the village today. However, the castle was largely rebuilt in neo-classical style in the 18th century. The English-style park covers six hectares and is planted with centuries-old rare trees, including Dutch limes, purple beech, cedars, pagoda trees, sycamores and ewes, plus one lime tree planted way back in 1605.

The château has been listed a French historic monument and, thanks to its donation by Mademoiselle Diane Baconnière de Salverte in 2015, is now owned by Haute-Saône County Council.