La Rochère - libellules - Saint Dondicole
Arrivée devant la verrerie © M Joly
Verrerie/Cristallerie - La Rochère © S Guenerie

Cristallerie La Rochère

The oldest of glass-making companies

Come and visit France’s oldest  glassworks, at La Rochère. Founded in 1475, it’s still in operation! Set up beside a forest, the latter provided the wood needed to feed the ovens. The silica required was extracted from sandstone, and the lime from Vosges limestone – hence all the elements were to hand to create glass.

Discover how master glass-makers work and shape glass here. An art gallery and shop add further elements to the visit.  The Cristallerie La Rochère has been awarded the quality mark of an ‘Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant’ (or ‘Living Heritage Company’) since 2009.